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music and worship

Evangel Worship Team

The Evangel Worship Team is a group of dedicated and ministry-minded individuals who lead the congregation at Evangel Assembly in praise and worship for all Services and events. The single purpose and goal of the Evangel Worship Team is to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit and create an atmosphere conducive to God moving in the lives of the people. Participants in the Worship Team are encouraged to be part of the Sanctuary Choir; however, they are appointed to the Worship Team by the Music and Worship Pastor to be part of this anointed ensemble.

The Evangel Worship Team is committed to spiritual and musical excellence. Members are required to attend routine worship seminars and rehearsals in order to refine their God-given gifts. 

Evangel Band

The Evangel Band functions as part of the Music and Worship Ministry. These consecrated musicians function within the expectation clearly expressed in the vision of the church mission, to provide excellence in music and worship to support the “Preparation, Production, and Empowerment Process for Kingdom Reign.” They too help to create an atmosphere conducive to God moving in the lives of the people.

Band members are expected to be active in the total Evangel Partner experience, not just to provide instrumental accompaniment. Evangel Assembly has over 50 active ministries; therefore, there are on-going events and ample opportunities for involvement. The Evangel Band provides instrumental accompaniment for the Sanctuary Choir and the Evangel Worship Team at the Wednesday Night Service, Sunday Worship Services and all other Evangel sponsored events.

The Evangel Band is constantly seeking anointed, committed, and competent musicians.